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Would You Rather?

Would You Rather?

Would You Rather?

ISBN: 9780987635440 (Hardcover) / 9780648728726 (Paperback) / 9780648872269 (Big Book)

Would You Rather... a Hose for a Nose or 25 Toes?
Would You Rather… Onions for Eyes or Cauliflower Ears?
Would You Rather… Slip on a Cake or stand on a Rake?
Who doesn’t love a good old game of ‘Would You Rather’…?

Get set for some hilarious nonsensical FUN as you choose between two equally silly scenarios at the turn of every page!

By: James Layton, Kat Fox
Formats: Hardcover / Paperback / Big Book

Number Of Pages: 32
Dimensions: HB 270 x 255 / PB 265 x 250 / Big 450 x 425

Published by Larrikin House 2020

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