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World Heritage Sites Aust Port Arthur, Norfolk Island…

World Heritage Sites Aust Port Arthur, Norfolk Island...

World Heritage Sites Aust Port Arthur, Norfolk Island...

ISBN: 9781925630503 by Ellen Millen
215mm x 270mm
32 Pages
Published by Redback

Tasmania has some of the best preserved colonial buildings in Australia. Set in beautiful surroundings, these World Heritage Sites hide a dark history from the times when convict labour was vital to the economy of the Australian colonies. The volcanic islands in the southern oceans are the locations of Australia's only active volcanoes, and provide geologists and other scientists with information about the way the Earth's molten interior is still coming to the surface to create new land on Australia's territorial islands.
The titles in the World Heritage Sites in Australia cover magnificent natural locations, precious historic buildings and places that contain rare archaeological remains. Australians treasure their heritage sites, and this series reveals where each site is located and what makes it so special. Included in this series are sections on Indigenous culture, sustainability, environmental management and the importance of place, all of which will support the Australian Curriculum for primary and secondary schools.


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