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Vlad’s in Love

Vlad's in Love

Vlad's in Love

ISBN: 9781922503053 (Hardcover) / 9781922503060 (Paperback)

Everyone’s favourite smelly-breathed vampire is back with another dilemma, but this time it’s a matter of the heart. Peggy-Sue is new to Monster School and Vlad is smitten. Frank and Keith are not much help as they are in love too! Will the crew find the courage to talk to their crushes? Romance is undead in this sweet and funny love story.

By: Rory H. Mather, Jesus Lopez
Formats: Hardcover / Paperback

Number Of Pages: 32
Dimensions: HB 270 x 255 / PB 265 x 250

Published by Larrikin House 2021

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