Vlad’s Bad Breath – Big Book

Vlad's Bad Breath - Big Book

Vlad's Bad Breath - Big Book

ISBN: 9780648886822

Author: Rory H. Mather
Illustrator: Jesus Lopez
Extent: 32pp
Format: Big Book
Size: 450mm x 425mm
Published in 2020 by Larrikin House

What good is a Vampire with bad teeth? Not being able to see yourself in the mirror stinks? but not as much as putrid breath!
When poor Vlad's breath smells worse than death his best friends help him find a way to manage the smell and keep his teeth sparkling clean.
Readers will fall in love with Vlad and his quirky friends Frank & Keith.
The first in a series of stories focussed on self care. Watch out for Vlad the sequel; Love?s Not Dead coming in 2021.

$39.99 $35.00

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