Big Book Variety Pack (15 titles)

Big Book Variety Pack (15 titles)

Big Book Variety Pack (15 titles)

ISBN: VPBIG Here's what you need to know about our variety pack on approval service...

Learning Discovery send out over 5000 variety packs on approval every year, with over half being purchased in full! Rest assured, Australian educators love our variety packs.

• Each Big Book pack has our latest 15 titles.
• At the end of the 21 day viewing period, simply use the Return Post label to send back what you don't want.
• To help us with postage costs we have a minimum commitment of 2 books. (Not a big ask)
• Prices range from $22.00 per book (whole pack) to $29.50 (individually) That's 50% off!

If you would to try out a pack, simply add to cart and select 'Invoice My School' in the checkout so you will bypass the payment gateway.
We will send you the pack with a return post label, and instruction sheet.

If you already know and love our variety packs click here to see our automatic delivery options for March & August each year. $599.85  $330.00 Add to cart

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