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Larrikin 2021 titles 20 Pack (Hardcover)

Larrikin 2021 titles 20 Pack (Hardcover)

Larrikin 2021 titles 20 Pack (Hardcover)

ISBN: LARHC20 All Books are: Hardcover

4 x Ambassador activity posters
4 x Ambassador badges
4 x Ambassador certificates
Ambassador Guide

Larrikin Ambassadors is a peer-to-peer leadership program designed to champion the love of reading. Perfect for primary students from grades 3-6, this program is designed to be flexibly paced with a super fun checklist of activities that can be completed with minimal direction.

Some tasks will require courage, others a wild imagination! You can even add your own ‘wild card’ challenges.

  • Re-create a Larrikin story into a rap or song and perform it.

  • Re-design a Larrikin character with your own illustration.

  • Re-imagine the ending of a Larrikin story and write it.

  • Read a Larrikin story to a class.

  • Translate a Larrikin story into a foreign language and read it aloud.

  • Run a short story competition.

  • Write or film a book review.

  • Create an animation / claymation of a Larrikin story.

  • Turn a Larrikin story into a play / game.