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Hugo’s Runaway Legs

Hugo's Runaway Legs

Hugo's Runaway Legs

ISBN: 9780648804987 (Hardback) / 9780648804994 (Paperback) / 9780648886877 (Big Book)

Hugo’s legs have run away they simply didn’t want to stay at home where they just lay about Hugo’s legs just wanted out!

Hugo Holt’s legs have run away and jumped on the bus! Hugo can’t do without them. How on earth will he catch his runaway legs?

Hugo’s Runaway Legs by Alys Jackson is fun and clever and encourages the investigation of many different types and uses of legs. This rhyming story explores why we need to make sure we use our own legs each day. What would you do if your legs quit on you?

Colourful, cartoon style illustrations by Leigh Brown
Encourages an active lifestyle with varied activities
Easy to follow rhyming text
Encourages children to get up and moving
Investigates a range of different animals and how they move about
Readers will not be bummed out by the ending

By: Alys Jackson, Leigh Brown
Formats: Hardback / Paperback / Big Book

Number Of Pages: 32
Dimensions: HB 270 x 255 / PB 265 x 250 / Big 450 x 425

Published by Larrikin House 2021

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