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Happy as a Hog out of Mud

Happy as a Hog out of Mud

Happy as a Hog out of Mud

ISBN: 9781922503008 (Hardcover) / 9781922503015 (Paperback)

Warthogs LOVE to play in mud. But not Charlie… Charlesworth Oinkington is a sophisticated gentle-hog who would rather sip tea, go bird watching and read poetry. Happy as a Hog out of Mud celebrates difference and acceptance via lighthearted humour and cannonballs! Readers will enjoy exploring a range of different animals, engage with the hilarious and quirky illustrations and marvel at the memorable characters.

By: Sean Avery
Formats: Hardcover / Paperback

Number Of Pages: 32
Dimensions: HB 270 x 255 / PB 265 x 250

Published by Larrikin House 2021

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