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Little Larrikins

Welcome to Little Larrikins

Keep the laughs coming!

Little Larrikins is the place to be if you love feel-good, funny books.
We’re excited you’re here!

What is it?

If your Little Larrikin loves story time, then our monthly subscription service is just what you’ve been waiting for!

Larrikin House is committed to published kid-focussed stories, high on reader engagement. For us it’s all about nurturing a love for reading in little ones through fun & humour, so we tend to steer away from stories that are too deep or serious. (There’s plenty of others publishing that stuff, just not us.)

Designed to keep young readers engaged and excited, each month your child will receive a copy of the latest Larrikin title hot off the press.

And, because we know how much Little Larrikins love collecting – we’ve created a fun way for them to track and showcase their reading journey.

Each new book your Little Larrikin receives will include a special sticker that can be added to the reading poster they’ll find in their Little Larrikin Pack. Your child can read and laugh their way to a full Larrikin collection!

But the value doesn’t end there, we have more goodies to send your way and great deals especially for you!

What do I get?

Your Little Larrikins Starter Pack includes:

  • A Larrikin title to begin your collection
  • A large colourful Larrikin wall poster (to track your child’s reading progress)
  • A Little Larrikins badge
  • A Little Larrikins Legionnaires cap
  • A Little Larrikins bookmark
  • A Little Larrikins Library Bag

Your subscription then continues with:
1 NEW Larrikin title per month delivered hot off the press PLUS a collector’s sticker to add to their Larrikin wall poster.


What books should I expect?
We choose the titles each month according to our publishing schedule, which you can get a glimpse of here; Larrikin Publishing

When is my order sent?
You will receive your Little Larrikin Pack as soon as you subscribe, then each new book is sent at the start of every month.

Am I getting the best value?
Little Larrikin Members receive an extra 20% off our already discounted prices by buying directly through the Larrikin House website and our best price on new release titles.
Not to mention the collectable stickers with every new book!

Can I subscribe for someone else?
Absolutely! Just make sure you click the ship to a different address box in the checkout and enter the name and address of who the books are going to in this field. You can also use the same shipping address but change the name to your child’s name (so they can share in the excitement of receiving each new package).

How can I fill out the collector’s poster faster than one book a month?
You can use your special discount code to order any of our titles online at an extra 20% off.

Can I Cancel anytime?
You sure can. Just log into your account and follow the prompts to cancel anytime.

Are my credit card details stored securely?
Absolutely. Our credit card processor is a certified Level 1 PCI DSS Service Provider.

Are the books Hardcover or Softcover?
The choice is yours! You will be prompted to select Hardcover or Softcover when you sign up.

Are there any hidden costs?
None, and we cover all shippings costs too!