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Oh, The Rewards!

As you know, book fairs are an excellent way to fundraise for your school / kinder, and we know it’s important for you to have an extensive range of products to use up your hard earned commission, so every product in our online store is available to you.
Our commission structure will be super simple – 40% of sales on your first fair with Larrikin, to be used across our entire product range. Commission will revert to 35% for subsequent bookings.

Here’s the feedback from our very first book fair…

I have been really happy with Larrikin as my choice of company for fairs. My sales are well up on the last 3 school book fairs with far more enthusiasm and positive feedback on this one. Consistent comments from parents and students is how much they prefer having it laid out on tables like a book shop rather than in cases. Teachers and parents are also very happy there is no novelty stationery, & I have only had about 3 students ask for it, so winning! $4500 as of this morning and at 40% commission with no expiry for your first fair with Larrikin, I’m happy. James has been more than helpful and is very flexible with delivery dates etc.

I will certainly be re booking with larrikin next year!

Louise Moore
Carnaby Rise Primary School


Q. Are the titles offered reorder-able?

A. It’s your choice. If you want to take orders for items that sell out you can. (If it’s on our website, you can order it) If you choose not to, then that’s fine too.

Q. Will you be sending us an Eftpos machine?

A. YES (with a simple guide on how to use the thing)

Q. What are your prices like?

A. Think BigW prices. (Except you won’t find too much of what we offer at BigW) As one of the largest children’s booksellers to the education market, our buying power is very good, and we pass those savings on. For simplicity, we only have a few different price points too. They are; $2.50 / $5.50 / $7.50 / $9.50 / $12.50 / $14.50 & $16.50.

Q. Do I need to use book fair stock to spend my commission.

A. No, you can use your commission to purchase anything we sell. And there’s no expiry either.

Q. Do we need to count stock?

A. No, counting stock is boring, so we don’t count it either.

Q. If you don’t count stock, how will you know if we steal it?

A. We won’t, so knock yourself out! 🙂 – On a more serious note… after 30 years in this industry, I think Australian educators are some of the most honest & conscientious people alive. (James)

Q. Do you support Australian authors?

A. A big yes! Not only do we support Aussie authors, over 80% of Larrikin published titles so far are first time Aussie authors!! But wait, there’s more… We stock products from a broad range of Aussie publishers too, including small micro publishers. Did we mention we’re a fully Australian owned family business? That too.

Q. What’s Larrikin’s connection with Learning Discovery?

A. Larrikin House is Learning Discovery’s publishing imprint. We are one and the same. In early 2021 we’ll combine both businesses under the Larrikin umbrella, so Learning Discovery will become Larrikin Learning. (If you think this is confusing, it’s because it is. – There’s nothing wrong with you)

If you have questions we haven’t thought of please give us a call on 1800 841 569

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