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Automatic Variety Pack Options

Automatic Variety Pack Options

All packs are sent On Approval with a Return Post label supplied.

The standard 21 day viewing time applies.

Price Scales:
Picture Books (Softcover) / Non Fiction (Softcover) / Primary Fiction / Board Books (2 packs avail per year)
1-19 Books $12.50ea | 20-39 Books $10.50ea | All 40 Books $8.50ea ($340)

Big Books (1 pack avail per year)
1-14 Books $29.50ea | All 15 Books $22.00ea ($330)

Picture Books (Hardcover) (2 packs avail per year)
1-9 Books $17.50ea | 10-19 Books $15.00ea All 20 Books $12.50ea ($250)

Auto Packs are shipped at the beginning of March and August.

Simply click on any or all of the pack options below to add them to your service, (a green tick will appear in the middle) then complete the form and submit.

(To remain on the automatic service you need to be keeping a minimum of 10 books each time.)

If you have any questions please call us on 1800 841 569

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