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We Take Fun Seriously!

At Larrikin, our focus is on creating the type of books that kids want to read, (as opposed to books that adults want kids to read – there’s a big difference).

We love that kids are enhancing their literacy foundations through the love of reading as entertainment, not as a chore.

That’s why at Larrikin – ‘Story is Hero!’

With loads of first time Authors and Illustrators already signed to our house of Larrikins, we’re always on the hunt for new and emerging talent.

Are you our next Larrikin?

Check out our submission guidelines below, but before you do, take a quick look at what we’ve been up to here.

Our current titles will give you an idea of the kinds of work we love to publish and we suggest you read from our established Larrikins to familiarise yourself with our vibe.

Good Luck


Our assessment service offers Authors the chance to have their manuscript professionally assessed with publisher James Layton.

James will provide valuable feedback and guidance as you wrestle out your story together in the ‘zoom ring’.


Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your manuscript, you might like to check out the Publishing Insider interview with James on the Words and Nerds Podcast, along with his latest interview in Women’s Ink Magazine. Another worthwhile listen is the interview with aspiring author Sarah Speedie about how she got signed with Larrikin.

Listen to Podcast

Read James’ Interview

Listen to Sarah Speedie

Picture Book Submissions…


We’re always on the lookout for innovative, quirky and fun stories with a tinge of ‘cheekiness.’

We love stories that contain strong humour, with a subtle message that shines through your good storytelling; without being didactic.

Your story should be appropriate for children aged 3 -6, be no more than 500 words and written in prose or rhyme.

Any required illustration notes should be brief and in the margins.

Junior Fiction Submissions…

We are excited to be launching into this space and are already working on some amazing projects!

SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN NOW to new and established authors who can bring the laughs!!

Your junior fiction submission should include a 200 word series pitch, followed by the first 1000 words or first 3 chapters of book one.

A maximum 500 word synopsis of book one to be added at the end, and YES, we need to know the ending and direction of the story.

Please submit this information in a single document. Note: We are asking for a series pitch as we are unlikely to be interested in stand-alone junior fiction.

Important Formatting Notes (all submissions):

Include your name, email and mobile number in the header.

Word Doc only, document page numbers at the bottom; story pagination is not necessary (we like a clean read through).

Select an easy to read font; Times New Roman or Arial is fine. 12 point please with 1.5 or double line spacing.

Please upload document as:  Manuscript Title_Your Name_Genre (PB for Picture books or JFIC for Junior Fiction).

No cover page necessary. If adding an ‘About You’ section, please keep this to a maximum half page at the end of the manuscript.

Please don’t include illustrations unless you are also the illustrator. (This is risky as often we like one element but not the other).

All submissions should be in a single document.

3 tips from James…

1. Story is hero: The number one mistake authors make is building the story around cool rhyming words. Instead, build a great story first, then make it rhyme later, or just write it in prose.

2. Create great hooks: The stories we love will have a strong hook in the first 2-3 stanzas, followed by regular hooks all the way through drawing the reader to the end.

3. Get the right feedback: You need to ask the right people to give you honest feedback on your story.

Asking young kids is the most helpful because they have less filters, and are also your target audience.

Taking time to receive feedback and refine your work prior to submission will give you the best chance at getting your manuscript over the line.

What happens next…

Due to the number of manuscripts receive, we don’t send rejection letters or provide detailed feedback, so if you have not heard back from us within 3 months, please assume we have declined your manuscript.

If you would like to fast track your submission and receive thorough feedback, consider our manuscript assessment service.

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